High Rise Fire Evacuation Systems

Fire Evacuation Alert Systems

The development and publication of BS 8629:2019 marks a critical turning point. It is hoped that the introduction of dedicated evacuation alert systems in residences over 18 metres will help guard against future loss of life. They will also give our fire and rescue service personnel a far better chance of achieving the successful outcomes they strive for.

This standard makes recommendations on the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems for use by the fire and rescue service in buildings containing flats.

The objective is to provide a reliable and effective tool to assist in the evacuation of a building containing flats in whatever manner is considered appropriate by fire and rescue service operational commanders.

The evacuation alert systems covered comprise evacuation alert control and indicating equipment (EACIE), incorporating manual controls by which evacuation alert sounders within each flat can be operated by the fire and rescue service. The standard does not recommend whether or not an evacuation alert system is to be installed in any given building.

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